The development of Information Technology (IT) is increasing rapidly in business and government. This is because the proper use of IT will improve work productivity through efficient, fast and accurate operations. Therefore this process will bring the company and government into the information technology era.

In the world of information technology, the role of IT can be grouped in areas such as, government, finance or banking, and education. In government, e-government is one example used to connect the needs of the population, business and government activities. In the field of banking or finance, automated teller or ATM service which is used to perform banking transactions such as checking balances and transferring money in minutes. In the perspective education, elearning is one of the IT products that help in teaching and learning process in schools and universities.

In Indonesia, the role of IT is very beneficial in everyday life. Online services such as e-banking, e-shopping, e-learning, e-ticketing and e-govenment have become commonplace and widely used by the Indonesian people through the use of the internet. It can also be seen from the magnitude of the role of the Indonesian government in supporting and improving the use of IT in every business and government activity. In the business of perspective, the Indonesian government has passed electronic transaction laws to protect business players both consumers and producers in conducting online business transactions. In the field of government as well, the Indonesian government has implemented or built e-education, e-procurement, e-budget, and e-ktp, which is used to assist governments in dealing with related parties. In infrastructure development, Indonesia has built a palapa ring. Palapa is also a fiber optics telecommunication backbone system aimed at accelerating, enhancing the telecommunications quality and telecommunications equality throughout Indonesia.

The relationship between the use of IT and the economic growth of a country is well known and widely studied by researchers, and has a positive relationship, meaning that IT development will produce a chain effect to the increasing rate of economic growth. Although this correlation number differs between countries but the understanding that IT development is positive and will definitely contribute to economic growth needs to be believed that we are not hesitant and continuous to continue this development. The first impact that can be seen is the side (a) infrastructure (b) skill improvement (c) increasing use of various IT applications in life. Development and strengthening of infrastructure in its implementation requires high investment and results of innovation to fit its designation. This leads to an increase in the scale of the elements of production, the need for labor and improved productivity in line with the strengthening of infrastructure. Moving the elements of production and productivity will positively build economic power as a second impact. With the same path, improving the skill of human resources (IT) in the field of IT will bring to the development of intellectual power, while the improvement of various IT applications in life both in the Online community and in the framework of information disclosure leads to the building of social power. These three forces are the basic capital for achieving the expected economic growth.

How will IT development in Indonesia contribute to Indonesia’s growth? Although generally known to have a positive relationship, this question will be elaborated by looking at the correlation between several factors in IT development with the building up of economic power, intellectual power and social forces. In economic strength, IT contributes to economic growth through increasing its contribution to inputs of production factors such as investment and employment absorption. In addition, IT can also play a role in encouraging economic growth through increased value added and productivity. Figure 1 shows the IT industry’s investment by looking at the number of companies. During the period 1998-2007, an increase in the number of companies with an average growth of 1.9%. Nevertheless, the data shows that the contribution of the IT industry to the total number of manufacturing and government manufacturing companies is still low with an average contribution of 1.25%.

Bina Darma University (UBD) is one of the leading universities in IT-based south sumatera. In the development of human resources and infrastructure, UBD works together in academic and non academic fields. In the academic field, UBD cooperates with state universities and private universities both at home and abroad such as Sriwijaya University, Bina Nusantara University, Curtin University of Technology Australia, Hodgeschool Netherland and Malaysian National University. In the field of infrastructure improvement, UBD has cooperated with PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia for the development of internet network which has speed up to 100 mb. In addition, UBD also improves the ability of lecturers and staff in the field of IT usage, especially software development capabilities in cooperation with National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT), computer networking in collaboration with Cisco Network Academy (CNA), and computer network security in collaboration with (FORESEC). With the capability, UBD is expected to compete in national and international level.

By having qualified lecturers, staff and infrastructure, UBD wants to participate in supporting and supporting government programs in public relations and also helping business people to communicate with their stakeholders. Therefore, UBD established a unit called Bina Darma Technology (BTechnology) which was built to answer all IT issues faced by the government and business people. BTechnology has 5 services namely, software development, data center and communication services, IT consultant, hardware and network services and the last is the service center training. With these services, BTechnology is expected to play an active role in assisting governments and businesses in communicating with their stakeholders.

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